Time For An Overland Vacation

In some countries or provinces, they call it a holiday. Summer vacation, winter getaway, annual holiday, you would think, it is all the same thing. But it is not quite. Although it must be said that folks around the country, and indeed in other parts of the world, have been rather humdrum with their vacation planning, usually for understandable reasons to do with limited time and budgetary resources.

overland trip planner

So many folks dream of going on an overseas vacation. They never realize this dream in their lifetimes, simply giving up on the idea, believing that it is just not possible. But little do they realize that the best wonders of the world are right on their doorstep. Well, not quite, surely you get the point. Instead of hemming and hawing over the impossibilities and improbabilities of lofty round the world or country to country trips, folks could simply just settle down into an overland trip planner which takes them to dreamy spots right within the borders of their own state, county or province.

And then there is this. Folks have a tendency to settle into the herd mentality, going with the flow. They go to tourist hotspots that thousands of others are tramping their feet off to as well. Why go with the flow when you can do something completely and remarkably different that could also just make a positive difference to your life. In this day and age of global warming and climate change, and the need to preserve and conserve, there has never been a better time to commune with nature.

Instead of going to smog filled cities and crowded amusement parks, travel to places that you will find off the beaten track. Have you never wondered what it might be like to be off the grid just for a while?